Where and When to Automate

Customers are often looking for two different types of dining experiences:

  1. “I need to eat, just give me what I want” In this case, automate everything. Have the customer order from an app and have then pick their food up at the automated pickup window.

  2. “I need help customizing my order and I would like to be entertained and tempted.” Now automate everything behind the scenes, with an intent of enabling the employee to engage with the customer and give them food that goes beyond expectation, in a short amount of time.

That being said, we can’t automate everything right now, so where to start?

Well for that 1st customer, automate ordering, food assembly @L2F, and pickup options @carter-hoffmann PUCS

For the second customer, start with making your employees satisfied. Find out what they don’t like to do, what makes their job tough and what takes them a lot of time to do. One surprising major frustration, broken down equipment. It causes employees to have to change their routines. So automate the process of ensuring equipment is always working when needed @powerhouse-dynamics. What are the worst jobs? Dishwashing, cleaning equipment, filtering oil, general cleaning. Automate dishwashing #dishcraft . Automate cleaning of equipment #blodgettcombi. Automate oil filtering #pitco. I know that Tennant is working on some automated floor cleaning solutions, but I don’t think they are ready to take on a restaurant as of yet.